Bild: Martin Brusewitz

 Bild: Martin Brusewitz


Arkitektsnack med Atelje Ö

Publicerat 2022.09.06

    Joel, Mats och Emelie utgör tillsammans Atelje Ö och bjuder in till seminarium om arkitekturens konst. 

    "In our award winning atelier, we regard architecture as one of the fine arts and we work as artists och architecture. We believe that buildings can reconnect man with nature and bring happiness, calm and inspiration. For many years we have been working with the Gitlandic nature as a generator of strong architecture and we love context-based work, whether small or big, on the island, the mainland or abroad"

    När: 8 september, 17-19:30

    Var: Folk, Järntorget

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