About ADA

What does ADA do?

ADA works for creatives * in the Gothenburg region. Our job is to make sure creatives, see the development opportunities here and want to move and live here. We believe certain things help contribute to this. Above all, a sense of belonging and openness. Creatives get to meet each other, share experiences and work together. And be inspired by excellence. That’s why ADA’s work is mainly about creating meeting places and showcasing what’s happening right now.

We work fast and are driven by the needs of those we work for. That’s why our activities constantly change. Our approach is based on a humanistic mindset and a will to change and improve society.

We are owned by Business Region Göteborg AB and during 2012–2014 were also commissioned by Västra Götaland’s region.

* By creatives we mean people who mainly work in advertising, fashion, architecture, design and art. Professionals, those just starting out and students.

(And please do check out our site gocreative.se. We made it for international expats in Gothenburg.)