Bild: NASA (public domaine)

 Bild: NASA (public domaine)


Ny bok - nytt mode

Publicerat 2021.04.21

    Lagom till Earth Day bjuder Otto von Busch på en bok med en modell för att anpassa mode till naturens lagar - för att få cirkulära modeller.

    "Fashion is about growth, feeling, and aliveness. It thrives in excess and abundance. With the everyday discourse around circular business, we buy sustainable fashion. But how can we shift focus to how we become sustainable and more fashion-able? This book discusses circular fashion models and how these can amplify the vitality and purpose of fashion. As fashion renegotiates its relationship with consumerism, designers must not forget how fashion plays with desires, passion, and flourishing. If fashion is any good, it must be vital, or it is nothing."

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