Kontor/studio/replokal behövs för musikundervisning

Publicerat 2020.05.18


I am a freelance flute and piano teacher currently teaching privately and at a school and together with two of my colleagues I am looking for somewhere where we could expand our teaching. We all studied at Artisten (HSM) and have been regularly performing with the professional orchestras in Scandinavia and teaching for 5-6 years now. We would like to offer individual and group music lessons for flute, piano and music theory to people of all ages and backgrounds and require a space that we could use for this. Each student would have 1 or 2 lessons a week, so it would need to be somewhere that we can use each week at the same time, in order to have some structure for the students. The budget for this is flexible, depending on how much access we can get and how often we can use the space. Would this be something you could help with? If you would like to get in touch my phone number is 0728760192 and email address is ellie_kendall@hotmail.co.uk