Völvans Live Déjà Vu ~ Performance med Rasmus Myrup ~

Völvans Live Déjà Vu ~ Performance med Rasmus Myrup ~

Publicerat 2023.11.18

Välkommen till en folkloristisk skvallerstund tillsammans med konstnären Rasmus Myrup och hans urgamla vänner från installationen Outside Salon des Refusés på Röda Sten Konsthall! Eventet sker på engelska med inslag av danska, svenska och fornnordiska.

“You know how all of your friends’ problems seem so simple in comparison to yours? Imagine that you can not only see your friends make the same mistakes over and over, but you have already lived through it all before!

The Völva is a reanimated baddie who has looped through life’s cyclical swirls more than a few times. Her friends, who you might know from Danish History, Scandinavian Folklore or Norse Mythology, are the most treasured part of her constant rebirth, but even besties can be messy.

Join Völva for 90 minutes of ‘I love her so much, but…..’ as she lays bare the tastiest morsels of otherworldly gossip in a torrent of scalding scaldic tea.

The session will be in English, with a few interjections in Danish, Swedish and Old Norse (for any Iron Age folks who may be in attendance).”

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Datum: 2023.11.18

Tid: 18:00

Plats: Röda Sten Restaurang

Arrangör: GIBCA/Röda Sten Konsthall

Webbsida: https://www.gibca.se/program/gibca/volvans-live-deja-vu-performance-med-rasmus-myrup/